My name is Shawn Eggleston. I'm an avid Linux user, self-hoster & have been programming in Python since 2019. I enjoy woodworking & listening to my music collection on vinyl.

I converted my desktop PC into a server running Ubuntu 18.04 in early 2018 and began self-hosting most of my day-to-day services such as Home Assistant, Plex, Jellyfin, Nextcloud, etc. In early 2020, I rebuilt my server, housing it in a 4U rack mounted case with 32GB RAM, 14TB of storage and moving over to Proxmox. All of my self-hosted services are now virtualized in either a VM or docker container. After rebuilding my server, I replaced my ASUS RT-AC68U wireless router with OPNSense paired with a Ubiquiti AP.

Through the last four years, I have spent countless hours learning how to use, configure and deploy a lot of different software and services which motivated me to create this blog. How many times have you configured Postfix or deployed a Wireguard VPN and got hung up somewhere? I've done both several times and sometimes I still get stuck on a detail that gets overlooked or forgotten. With this blog, my intention is to document my own struggles in programming, networking and system administration for myself and others to learn from.